Access Statement

  • Exterior of Sleeperz Hotel Newcastle

Sleeperz’ aim is to provide a proactive and friendly service to all its visitors and staff. Sleeperz Hotels has complied with all current ‘access’ legislation providing a flat level surface to all of the hotel facilities and each floor of the hotel giving mobility impaired people complete access.

Sleeperz Hotels are able to accommodate disabled visitors with all but the most severe disabilities. Sleeperz will adopt measures to facilitate such guests wherever possible.

At Sleeperz Hotels we have entrances which are fully accessible. These entrances are well illuminated and have the benefit of powered doors and communication direct to the hotel reception. Setting down close to this entrance is possible for vehicles and the pavement has lowered kerbs.

Staff at Sleeperz Hotels will be provided with information on local access facilities, such as train stations, bus stops etc. They will also be aware of local ‘disabled friendly’ taxi services. Mainline stations, which are close to the site of Sleeperz Hotels, have some disabled access at platform level via lifts. Any disabled travellers must still arrange for assistance on and off trains in advance of arrival as there are no ‘level-to-train’ platforms.


  • Within the hotels all corridor doors are held open on magnetic locks (which release on sounding of fire alarm). Each door to our accessible rooms is extra wide and some of these rooms have inter-connecting doors for those needing extra assistance.
  • The fire alarm system has visual alternatives in common areas and disabled compliant bedrooms in addition there are vibrating pillow devices available for hard of hearing guests.
  • The lifts are compliant for disabled use, have audible controls as well as signage and controls in Braille. Similarly, the main staircases are ambulant disabled compliant.
  • Colour schemes throughout the hotels allow for differentiation of walls, floors, handrails and steps. All doors in the public areas have vision panels provided.
  • Sleeperz Hotels have accessible WC’s in the public areas for both staff and guest use.
  • The hotels have lowered counter sections at reception.
  • The evacuation policy in case of alarm allows for refuge areas on the exit stairs where there are voice intercoms with reception. These stairs have the additional facility of ventilated windows to reduce smoke build up.
  • All bedroom doors have locks that remain secure but that can be overridden from the inside manually or by a security key from the outside.
  • Accessible bedrooms are provided. These bedrooms have a variation of layouts to suit guests who have preferred handing of bed / bathrooms. Some rooms have interconnecting doors to provide suite facilities for carers, family etc.
  • All accessible rooms have audible and visual alarms as well as pull-cord alarms next to beds and WCs, linked to reception. Staff are trained in responding to activation of these alarms.

Sleeperz will advertise in multi-format such as web pages, e-mails, newspapers and at tourist information offices and will make it clear that facilities are