Best Rate Guarantee

At Sleeperz Hotels, we always endeavor to provide our guests with the best rates possible. We monitor all external suppliers’ rates and guarantee that you will not find a cheaper unpackaged rate on any other website.

  • A large superior room, with a double bed, dining area and drink making station.

Booking Direct

We always promise you the lowest available price directly with us. Whether you book online or over the phone, you’ll always get the best rate when you book direct.

Making a claim

If you do find a cheaper rate on another site, simply contact us to submit your claim. Our hotel team will review the request. We will then contact you.

Terms and Conditions


1. A reservation must be made via the Sleeperz website. This reservation must be booked and confirmed with a Sleeperz Hotel.

2. The Guaranteed Best Rates is applicable to publicly available rates only. Examples of non-publicly available rates include corporate rates, government rates, group rates, meetings, functions, and package rates.

3. The lower rate you found compared to our website rate, must be viewable, bookable online, and verifiable at the time of booking.

4. The Claim form must be submitted via the E-form on our website and must be received within 24 hours of the confirmation of your booking on our website. Claims must also be submitted at least 72 hours before your arrival at the hotel.

5. The lower rate found must be for the same hotel, the same type of accommodation, same dates, the same number of guests, and the same terms and conditions applicable to the room rate. The room rate booked or product must be for the EXACT same product for that room rate or category.

6. The Guaranteed Best Rate only applies to room rates and excludes package rates. Package rates are for rooms that are a part of travel packages and can include other services, like a hotel room coupled with airfare, a tour, or a rental car. Other examples of package rates include breakfast and dinner inclusive rates.