Road Closures and Parking Restrictions in Cardiff

Please take note of any road closures and parking restrictions when staying with us at Sleeperz Cardiff. Please see information below.

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Road Closures and Parking Restrictions in Cardiff

Here at Sleeperz Hotels, we endeavour to take every step possible to ensure you have a comfortable and convenient stay. However, there will be times where circumstances outside of our control may impact your experience, namely road closures and parking restrictions caused by local sporting events.

As the highly anticipated ‘Judgement Day’ Rugby match steadily approaches, Cardiff is set to welcome thousands of sporting enthusiasts from across the country, resulting in a slight increase in travel, which may impact your stay.

When planning your visit with us, please account for the following road closures from 11.00-21.00 on the 22nd of April…

  • Westgate Street
  • Quay Street
  • Guildhall Place
  • Golate, High Street
  • Mary Street
  • Caroline Street
  • Wood Street
  • Central Square
  • Wombany Street
  • Park Street
  • Havelock Street
  • Scott Road.

Please also be aware of the following arrangements regarding Cardiff Central Train station car parks…

Riverside car park (off Wood Street)

Closed 20:00 Fri 21.04.23 – 04:00 Sun 23.04.23

Penarth rear station car park (Penarth Road)

Closed 20:00 Thurs 20.04.23 – 04:00 Sun 23.04.23

But do not be deterred, there will still be a variety of local roads and car parks to help you navigate our beautiful city, we simply advise a little foreplaning to reduce any stress you may feel on your journey. To learn more, visit the local government’s regularly updated Road Works page here.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful visit to Cardiff!

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